The Law Office of George K. Fuiaxis, has a focus and expertise in intellectual property law.  We represent individuals, family businesses, and tech start-ups.  We can effectively and efficiently counsel you on your IP needs.  Our experience provides us insights and enhanced skills in intellectual property law to better understand our clients’ brand, technology, legal and business needs.  IP rights are some of our clients’ most valuable assets.  The Law Office of George K. Fuiaxis assists its clients to develop, protect, and exploit their assets to help their businesses grow and prosper.

The Law Office of George K. Fuiaxis can help you, whether you want to:

  • Patent An Invention
  • Safeguard A Trademark
  • Negotiate A License Agreement
  • Enforce Your IP Rights Against An Infringer
  • Develop A Marketing Strategy
  • Launch A Website Or E-Commerce Platform
  • Enter Distribution Agreements
  • Maintain Valuable Trade Secrets
  • Achieve Any Business Objective Regarding Your Intellectual Property Rights